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Team development, life coaching and mentoring
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Charles Horton, Executive Life Coach and Mentor

Team development, life coaching and mentoring

Corporate Team Coaching

Charles Horton understands how to motivate and develop large workforces to deliver their best results because he does it with his own teams.

“It’s all about creating and nurturing a corporate culture to bring individuals all together into a cohesive winning unit. The results have been phenomenal.”

Senior Executive Mentoring

Sometimes you just need someone who really understands your issues.

Who can help you step up to take that next step?

As an integral part of the CEO group The Boardroom, Charles Horton has already mentored hundreds of Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs and the next generation of CEOs to grow, transform and build their companies. As a leading CEO himself, Charles understands the weight of responsibility and drive needed to excel in business. If you run your own company, or are seeking to galvanize your senior team to deliver, Charles and the The Boardroom team can tailor-make a seminar, or series of events, to meet your individual business needs. Charles has the proven background and experience to deliver results.

To discuss your requirements for mentoring or event seminars in innovation, investing in people, financial management and restructuring, relations, contact us.

Net Worth Individual Adviser

Take the uncertainty out of your next venture!

Charles Horton, angel investor, entrepreneur and business owner, was a self-made millionaire before he was 30 years old. He understands the responsibility of wealth, how to grow it, keep it and ensure it is working as hard as possible to achieve your goals. Charles found his calling through mentoring others to succeed, helping them learn to trust and push their own personal limits as he pushed his, from walking on fire to walking with lions. In his forth coming book, Ignite the Secret, Charles Horton shares his experiences and life journey, focusing on how to plan and create a different reality.

Considering your next move? Why not discuss it with someone who has probably already done the thinking and taken that step himself. For personal one-on-one mentoring sessions: