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Ignite the Secret book cover

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Ignite the Secret

Firewalking through Life

Charles Horton has just completed his first book, Ignite the Secret, to share his story of personal development and professional success despite many challenges. It is set against the background of firewalking and is split into lessons so that anyone can easily apply the concepts to their own career and life to succeed.

“Sometimes people are aware of what they need. Other times they think they know what they need, or they think they need nothing, but fire is omnipotent, and it reveals the truth. No matter what people believe when they come to the fire, what they receive at the fire is a life-changing breakthrough. Whether the fire you face is a real one or not, confronting adversity and challenge is a part of life that makes you stronger. When you walk through fire, you face your fears and limitations, and you come out victorious on the other side. This book is going to help you do just that, whether you are seeking greater health, wealth, or happiness—and whether you choose a path that walks through real fires or symbolic ones.”

~ C Horton, Ignite the Secret

“I could feel the heat of the fire pushing me away, pulling me in. I was thinking to myself, you have got to be kidding me. But also, this is my chance.
The guy yelled at me, “Eyes up. Keep your eyes up! Squeeze your fist and say, Yes!”
I did.
“Stronger!” he yelled.
“Yes,” I said a little louder.
I screamed, “Yes!!”
And next he yelled, “Go! Go! GO!”
I took off. The next thing I knew a couple of guys were catching me, saying, “Stop. Wipe your feet, Celebrate!”
I had done it. I had walked on fire, my bare feet touching a bed of hot coals. My body knew it – there was a tingling starting up from my soles, more an energized sensation that the burn I’d been expecting. But my mind was asking, “What just happened?”
The Firewalk was the pivotal shift that changed my thinking, and consequently my life.

~ Introduction by Dave Albin

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