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“To keep achieving the best results in my ventures, I nurture winning businesses, teams and individuals to deliver positive results across all measures.

Not only do my businesses prove to be financially successful, as highlighted by our presence twice on the Inc. 500 list, but they also prove to be personally successful for all involved. I believe that a happy team of people working together toward a common goal will ensure that everyone wins. My employees are my family and we take care of each other through our positive daily interactions. I think we have developed a unique culture that is inclusive of all, celebrates our wins and learns from challenges we face. Just take one of my Firewalking courses and you’ll quickly learn what I stand for and believe.”

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FastBucks is a consumer and small business financing company with over 50 stores in the southern United States. FastBucks provides a range of financing options for customers who may not have those opportunities from a bank. FastBucks tailors services to suit its customers’ needs, from pay day loans which help people to bridge the gap until payday, to small loans to help families and individuals meet short-term needs for cash.  In addition, FastBucks also provides Car title loans for larger amounts.

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The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E) is committed to generating lasting enthusiasm and the mindset that enables the tens of thousands of individuals, teams and companies who attend its events and seminars to achieve personal and professional empowerment.

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“For me, the real magic and miracle of the firewalk came from watching some of my friends conquer abject terror to walk across the coals. Their courage is inspiring and their accomplishment nothing short of momentous. It was incredible to be able to share in that joy and celebrate with them. I can’t wait to firewalk again – not only because of the personal growth that comes with the territory – but I love being able to really connect with my friends and share such a moving experience with them.”

~ Nikki Hill Firewalking Participant January 15, 2016

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SecureVital is an online managed digital vault that keeps vital information safe, secure and accessible when needed. It enables customers to manage the crucial information blocks in their life, simply and securely.

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